宮岡俊夫 個展 反転した絵画 もう一つの風景


Solo Exhibition by Toshio Miyaoka

宮岡俊夫 個展
反転した絵画 もう一つの風景  “Inverted Painting, Another Landscape”

会  期

月・火曜休廊 Closed on Monday, Tuesday

作家在廊日:8月26日(土) 27日(日)

ギャラリー移転しました! We moved.

東京都中央区日本橋茅場町 1-1-6 小浦第一ビル2B 03-5542-1669
info@yuki-sis.com   http//yuki-sis.com
Koura Bldg. Ⅰ-2B, 1-1-6, Nihombashi Kayabacho, Chuoh-ku, Tokyo
103-0025,JAPAN +81(0)3 5542 1669

Landscape-pool- 2022 宮岡俊夫
Landscape -Pool- 2022 80.5x100 cm  Oil on Canvas


YUKI-SIS では、2023年8月26日(土)より、宮岡俊夫個展「反転した絵画 もう一つの風景」を開催いたします。




YUKI-SIS will hold a solo exhibition of Toshio Miyaoka, "Inverted painting, Another landscape" from August 26, Sat- September 10, Sun.

Born in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture in 1984, Miyaoka received his BFA from Tama Art University in 2008.

In addition to solo exhibitions in Osaka and Kyoto, as well as Tokyo, he has exhibited at many art fairs in Beijing (China), Bologna (Italy), Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle (U.S.) In 2017, he received the Yomiuri Shimbun Award at the FACE Exhibition 2017, Sompo Japan Nippon KOUA Art Award Exhibition. Currently, he has moved his activities to Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture.


Landscape-Pool-  2023 宮岡俊夫
Landscape-Pool- 2023  Oil on Canvas 53×73cm(P20)





<About the method of production>


Toshio Miyaoka's painting method is unique. On the back of each canvas there is a small postage stamp-sized photo cutout of the motif of the painting. He paints the clippings from magazines in their original small size, and then copies the clippings upside down onto the canvas. The upside-down, postage-stamp-sized photographs do not reveal the details of what is being depicted. In other words, Miyaoka eliminates all preconceived notions of what he is painting, and stoically focuses only on depicting the form, color, and light of the object.

When the work is finished, he returns it to its original position to complete it.

Landscape  2023 宮岡俊夫
Landscape 2023  Oil on Canvas 50×65cm(P15)





<Anonymity in Miyaoka's paintings>

In his paintings, Miyaoka attempts to transform all the scenery and events in the world into "nameless, anonymous entities" by "using them as motifs for painting upside down," and then outputting them as a result. This act makes us realize that everything we usually perceive has an "existence" such as its name, meaning, reason for existence, and social position, and that we are sometimes bound by it because we know (or are made to remember) it. We are sometimes bound by it because we know it (or have been made to remember it).

In every era, there are social phenomena, events, and people who are popular according to that era, and we have unknowingly been imbued with common sense and standards of value according to the era in which we live, and we judge all things according to these standards. Miyaoka's paintings, which are produced by taking this common sense once and for all as flat and meaningless, create a somewhat disturbing sense of discomfort, and we are sure to notice it. I believe this phenomenon is because the paintings are not painted in a world of value criteria such as "this is ____. You might say that it feels like an abstract painting, even though it is a figurative one that we know. In addition, his improvisational brush strokes give a rhythm on the screen, and one can feel the heartbeat of the artist's brushstrokes. Other than the limited colors and shapes of the motifs, only the brush strokes dance freely, creating a rhythm that resembles that of an abstract painting.

While many paintings usually control the viewer's perspective, the act of looking at the work while the viewer is exploring the subject matter of the painting through his or her own introspection is somewhat chilling and will cause the viewer to search for his or her own memories.

Flower  2023  宮岡俊夫
Flower  2023  Oil on Canvas 41×41cm(S6)

【Artist Note】




I cut out pre-existing images from the Internet and magazines and collage them into paintings, which are then turned upside down. The process of painting upside down is also a process of reducing images to colors and shapes and reassembling them as paintings.
I feel that my paintings are small fragments and traces of the countless images circulating in contemporary society.

Toshio Miyaoka


Landscape 2023 宮岡俊夫

Landscape 2023  Oil on Canvas 53×45.5cm F10

Landscape  2022 宮岡俊夫

Landscape 2022  Oil on Canvas 53×53cm S10

Landscape 2023 宮岡俊夫

Landscape 2023 Oil on Canvas 50.0x65.2 P15

Landscape 2023 宮岡俊夫

Landscape 2023 Oil on Canvas 27.0x35.0 (F5)



宮岡俊夫 MIYAOKA Toshio

1984年  島根県出雲市生まれ

2006年  多摩美術大学絵画科油画専攻卒業

2008年  多摩美術大学美術研究科絵画専攻修了


2014年  誰も知らない場所 ベイスギャラリー(東京)

       記憶のOo外側で トーキョーワンダーサイト渋谷 (東京)

2016年  名前を奪われた風景 KUNST ARZT (京都)

2018年  何処か 私に 似ている KUNST ARZT (京都)

2020年  漂流する絵画 GAMOYON Gallery (大阪)

       漂流する絵画 YUKI-SIS (東京)

2021年  月光-風景   DOOR gallery (松江)

       記憶の痕跡  日本橋三越本店美術サロン (東京))

       天皇-精神の焼跡- KUNST ARZT (京都)

2022年  月光-風景Ⅱ  DOOR gallery (松江)

2023年  反転した絵画 もう一つの風景 YUKI-SIS


2016年  第2回「藝文京展2016」入選作品展 京都芸術センター(京都)

       日韓藝術通信 京都嵯峨芸術大学付属ギャラリー (京都)

2017年  FACE展2017損保ジャパン日本興亜美術賞展 損保ジャパン日本興亜美術館(東京)

       韓日藝術通信 Part2  忠清文化芸術会館 (清州、韓国)

2018年  風景の澱みから 井上光太郎・奈良田晃冶・宮岡俊夫展 2kwギャラリー(大津)

       ASK-7人の作家 ART OFFICE OZASA (京都)

2019年  STILL LIFE 静物展  YUKI-SIS (東京)

       揺れる記憶 カッシーナ・イクスシー青山本店アートギャラリーDELL’ARTE (東京)

       The Super Dupers-妄想をカタチに変えたアーティストたち- スパイラルガーデン (東京)

2020年  韓日藝術通信5「温度~往復書簡~」 忠北文化館森ギャラリー (清州、韓国)

2021年  日韓藝術通信5「温度~往復書簡~」 The Terminal Kyoto (京都)

       コンテンポラリーへの扉 日本橋三越本店 本館7階催事場 (東京)

2022年  YUKI-SIS10周年記念展  YUKI-SIS (東京)

       日韓藝術通信7~Gift~ OHARANO STUDIO GALLERY (京都)

2023年  岩佐昌昭宮岡俊夫2人展「陰影の愉しみ」 一畑百貨店5階美術サロン(松江)


2014年  第29回ホルベインスカラシップ奨学生

2016年  藝文京展2016 入選

2017年  FACE展2017損保ジャパン日本興亜美術賞展