新藤杏子 個展 Märchen

冬隣 Late autumn that makes it seem like winter is coming 2023 130.3x162.0(F100)Oil on Canvas


Solo Exhibition by Kyoko Shindo

新藤杏子 個展 Märchen

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Closed on Sunday, Monday

Opening Reception 2023年12月9日(土) 17:00~

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ギャラリー移転しました! We moved.

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新藤杏子 Collector
Collector 2023 65.2x53.0 cm(F15)Oil on Canvas


YUKI-SIS では、2023年12月9日(土)-23日(土)新藤杏子個展 「Märchen」を開催いたします。

YUKI-SIS is pleased to announce Kyoko Shindo's solo exhibition "Märchen" from December 9 (Sat) to 23 (Sat), 2023.


2022年には損保ジャパン主催のアーティストコンペティションFace展にてグランプリを受賞。彼女の作品は大きな反響を呼びました。 ここ最近では台湾での個展も大変好評で、ますます目が離せない作家です。

Kyoko Shindo was born in Tokyo in 1982, graduated from Tama Art University in 2007, and this is her 8th solo exhibition at YUKI-SIS.

In 2022, she won the Grand Prix at the “Face” , an artist competition sponsored by Sompo Japan. Her work has received a great response. Her recent solo exhibitions in Taiwan has also been very well received, making her an artist to keep an eye on.


While a student at Tama Art University, Kyoko Shindo majored in oil painting but painted watercolors because oil paints did not suit her physical constitution. She has used watercolor smudges to create contemporary genre paintings on the theme of the life of living creatures.

She has always experimented with new painting materials, and in recent years she has finally found a medium that suits her physical constitution and switched her medium of expression to oil painting. This has given the world she paints a concrete background and a greater depth of expression. Unlike conventional oil paintings, the free use of brushstrokes and bold strokes cultivated in watercolor have become the appeal of her works.

新藤杏子 Red Fruits

Red Fruits  2023 31.8x41.0 cm (F6) Oil on Canvas


Kyoko Shindo chose "Märchen" as the theme of this solo exhibition.



It is a fanciful tale in prose that originated in Germany. The roots of Märchen lie in fairy tales, Volksmärchen (folk tales), and kunstmärchen (original fairy tales), which were created based on these tales.

<Excerpt from Wikipedia>



The Grimm fairy tales, a collection of regional European folk tales by the German Brothers Grimm in the 19th century, and the Andersen fairy tales, created by the Danish fairy tale writer Andersen, have always been with us since childhood, and we have read them without question. We have all had the experience of closing our eyes and imagining what the scenes of these stories might have been like when they were read to us. It is no exaggeration to say that the rules of the world, such as a sense of morality, the cause of right and wrong, and fairness, which we have unwittingly learned, are influenced by these "Mächen" stories.

Mysterious folk tales, such as Japanese folktales, which have been passed down from region to region, are also worthy of study for how such mystical stories about bad guys and heroes, conversations with animals, magic, miraculous events, and natural phenomena arose and were passed down. From the time of traditional oral tradition, their dissemination expanded through the generation of writing and the age of printing, but recently the absurdity and horror of the content of those original fairy tales has also become a topic of discussion.

新藤杏子 Flower way
Flower way 2023 41.0x31.8 cm(F6)Oil on Canvas

新藤杏子 sleeping involuntarily
sleeping involuntarily 2023 80.3x100.0 cm(F40) oil on canvas




Shindo came up with this theme this time when she realized that the content of children's ordinary conversations among themselves is a different world from the actual one, a mixture of reality, fantasy, and wishful thinking. The scenery in the forest depicted in her recent works, the children and animals that exist there. The landscapes seem real, but are somehow like a story that is told, "Once upon a time...". The appearance of the landscape in the midst of nature is shrouded in mystery, perhaps as it was in the past, perhaps as it is today.

The colors of the plants in the new work are particularly vivid, and together with the expression of the trees, which is unique to the artist, they create a mysterious world that is both beautiful and eerie. We invite you to experience the forest landscape with us.

新藤杏子 sleeping involuntarily

[Artist Note]









[Artist Note]

I was on my way out of town when I saw a book car and wandered over. As I was talking with a friend about books I used to read as a child, I remembered that I used to read Andersen's fairy tales often, so I picked up a book to read it for the first time in a while.

As I flipped through the book, I found that although the story was filled with mysterious phenomena that could never happen in real life and absurd and slightly brutal tales, there was a strange sense of reality, and I fell into the feeling that reality and fantasy had crossed paths.

On my way to the atelier in the morning, I would sometimes encounter children on their way to school.
As I quietly listened to their conversation from behind, I found many conversations strangely formed as they moved back and forth between reality and the world of their own desires and fantasies.
In their poor prose-like language, a mysterious world of their own society and reality was spreading out.
It is like a fairy tale, like a falsehood, like reality.

Kyoko Shindo