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Since the age of 14, I have frequented an artistic workshop owned by two students from the Tourcoing' School of Fine Arts, which introduced me to the drawing, wood cutting and the ceramic cutting. At the same time, I have followed graphic Arts lessons at the Villeneuve d' Ascq's Modern Art Museum. During my years of high school, I've joined the professor and artist Yves Brochard's Plastic arts class.

After a high school diploma in literature and Plastic arts, I've integrated University, at first in Plastic arts, then in Performing arts.
I participated then in a theater workshop and became a member of the company. I began to create accessories and elements for the sets. My university pathway - Master Sciences and Techniques in Art and Communication, followed by studies and a post-graduate diploma in Aesthetics and Arts practicing – lead me to approach various artistic disciplines: the live performances, the scenography and theater designing, the plastic arts, the broadcasting ,audiovisual instruction and the computer graphics.

For my first report of research, I have focused on the connections with the plasticity in the propositions connected to the new technologies – experiences of virtual and autonomous works evolving via the Internet flow, creations with a graphic palette, and askings about the numeric digital works. My second report will concern the experiences of participative theater, scenographic and architectural measures allowing the sharing of the action with the audience.

My study leader is then an architect and a professor at Villeneuve d' Ascq's Architecture School. On the Association Theater Symbol's initiative, I coupled together my theoretical researches with a project: the creation of a participative theater for Lille city. During these years, I sketch out a personal plastic language and direct my efforts on the transitions between visible and invisible.

The theme of the passage between these two states, the quest for an access to the personal and collective Unconscious feed my artistic works in a permanent way. Sensitive to the photographic medium, I regularly use it and develop my senses of the observation, especially in natural environments.

From 2003 till 2007, I have been on a vocational training in photography at the Visual Arts Center of Lille.

At the same time, I met a Japanese student in Art History which introduced me to the Japanese calligraphy. I join then the calligraphy's gestures in my artistic practice and develop "double photographic and pictorial readings" " of observed landscapes.

In 2004, following this way of thinking, I realize an exposure for the Opale-Sud's Museum of France in Berck-sur-Mer. I have added a "mise‐en‐abyme" (an artwork within its own representation) to the landscape by settling my photos of Authie Bay on this site.

The same year, I work as artistic production assistant for the sculptor Oscar Lloveras, for the order of several monumental works settled in Lille city.

On the occasion of Lille 2004, European Capital of the Culture, I am sought by the plastic artist Annette Derieppe for the animation of workshops concerning creation of textile sculptures. At request of the plastic artist Annie Haquette, I also lead workshops for the creation of masks around an exposure of the sculptor Ousmane Sow at Fort of Mons, in Lille.

Afterward I have developed several professional collaborations. In particular with stylist Délalie Taco, for an original work of painted clothes, and with the scriptwriter and director Juliette Leroy for the realization of decoration sets.

Having a multidisciplinary training in Art, I have investigated then various universes and wished to avoid any restrictive approach of an artistic practicing: The journeys, the immersion in other cultural environments are also a part of my will.

A journey in Japan in March 2008 allowed me, besides the discovery of the country, the meeting with Art professionals - artists, gallery owners. The weaved links evolved towards new links for artistic exchanges.

In March, 2010, I participated in an artistic residence in Senegal.

The Theme was «The art as the vector of economic and social development»

This residence has been organized by Valérie Lherbier, designer of an itinerant exhibition between France and Senegal. I am also a member of a collective of artists-photographers exposing during the Festival "Sensitive Materials" every year in Lille and in Milan.

The festival organizer, Eric Dohoun, via his association African' artz", tends to develop the links between African and European artists.

It is in those dynamics of cultural and artistic exchanges that I hope to develop my future plastic arts propositions.

Elizabeth Leroy