Elizabeth Leroy
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Elizabeth LEROY has approached various artistic techniques in workshop since the age of 14. Also sensitive to the "show and live performance" world, she has integrated during her 17th year a theater company and has begun the realization of accessories and elements for the decoration set. The photography quickly stands out as its main artistic medium which she tends to scenography by proposing "double photographic and pictorial readings" such as in her Circumeo exposure at the Opale-Sud's Museum of France in 2004. Nowadays, she is a decorator for the Comédie Française, in Paris.

Painter in decorations and sets for the shows, Institute of training INFA, Nogent-sur-Marne
Photography, Visual Arts Center, Lille
Post-graduate diploma in Aesthetics and Practice of the Arts, Lille
Master in Sciences and Techniques Art and Communication, Valenciennes
At feet of my tree, Abbey of Saint lea of Esserent, in September
Itinerant Exhibition: Art? Vector of sustainable development?
Media library : Douchy-les-Mines, in October
University library , Valenciennes , in March
Palace of Arts and Crafts , Croix, in February
Photo festival : Sensitive Materials, Media library of Marcq-en-Baroeul, in November
The Nature: What a mess! , The Gallery of the Swamp, Montreuil-sur-Mar, in July
Around Japan, Japan Space , Paris, April
Photo festival, Sensitive Materials, Gallery 15 and At Home Café, Lille, November
20 000 leagues under the Sea, The Gallery of the Swamp, Montreuil-sur-Mar, in July
Trolls and Tiny creatures, Museum of Art Fantasy, Brussels, May
Photo festival Sensitive Materials, le Zango, Lille, November
Urmains and Bolas, Festival Franco phonies, Lille, April
Photo festival Sensitive Materials, the Mezzanine, Lille, November
The Time of the Dream, Deforest, in October
Lol, the Loft DCM, Roubaix, September
Engravings, Délalie Taco Creation shop, Croix, in May
14th International Biennial event of the Picture , Nancy, April
The Windows which speak, Roubaix, Association L'Entre Deux Parcs, April
Circumeo, Museum of France Opale-Sud, Berck-sur-Mer, in June in September
Outside Route in the Dunes of the Bay: Authie and in the Arboretum of Tigny-Noyelle
Reading of tales, accompaniment : guitar and harp
See as we dance, Val'Danse dance school, Lys-lez-Lannoy, in June
Salt Flowers, Arena ,Centre of interpretation of the Environment, Dunes of Ecault, in April
The Windows which speak, Roubaix, Association L'Entre Deux Parcs, in March
From Earth to the dune, Arena Centre of Interpretation of the Environment, in October
Around the Tale, Festival : the Drunkenness of the Words, Library of Marcq-en-Barœul in February
Shamballa, House of tea, Lille. Performance of storytellers, in January
N' Gazobil and Joal, Senegal, The Art in the heart of the economic and social development
Associations "Culture and sustainable development" and Doors and Passages of return, March